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    Event Production for Shopping Mall Myslbek

We have designed complex advertising strategy in order to bring more customers to the shopping mall Myslbek. As a part of the strategy we have produced a number of events. They took place regularly and supported the creative concept of building loyalty of the customers to the atypical shopping mall. One of the disadvantages of Myslbek located in the centre of the city is that it lacks a parking lot. Also there is no area to take rest, to refresh yourself with a coffee, neither there is a suitable space for children to play. Moreover the shopping mall offering luxury brands and shops is not intended for typical target group of customers. Due to its location Myslbek is a gate between The Old and The New Town. We have designed our concept based on a parallel in the form of merging culture and art with the busy world of shopping. Our strategy was based on partnership with a number of institutions, for example The National Theatre, Prague Symphony Orchestra and many others. So every month there was a different cultural event which took place in all of the interior of the shopping mall. For example we have organised an exhibition Brain in Action in cooperation with the magazine National Geographic about curiosities of human brain.

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GUIDELINE DIGI & PR s.r.o., Ohradní 1440/2a, 140 00 Praha 4 - Michle

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