• Nikon in a Different Light

    Building of the Brand Nikon
    by Means of PR and Social Networks

No light is like another. Good brands should be shown in a good one only and the best ones also in a completely different one. We agree on this point with our longtime partner in PR, the company Nikon. We provide PR communication for their products and also social network management for them. We are in touch with bloggers in person, as well as other internet enthusiasts. This synergy results in the community of “online Nikonists”, for which we have organized a meeting within the educational platform of the Nikon school. The great success of our common specific approach to communication is the exhibition of the top photographer Lenka Hatašová In a Different Light. It shows portraits of 50 personalities with their faces partly hidden in shadow. We informed the media extensively about this project which resulted in a number of interviews with Lenka and invitations for the exhibition in the press as well as online media and television.

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